Why we’ll be speaking at a number of international events this year

Here at the PCI we’re passionate about our mission of educating health and care professionals to use a personalised care approach to empower patients to get more involved in decisions about how their care is planned.

There’s good reason for our passion too, as the evidence shows what a huge difference personalised care can make, firstly to health outcomes, but also to the many subtle things that lead to better outcomes – such as adherence to medical advice and improved patient satisfaction.

However, while our focus is very much on supporting the workforce in England, we believe that, to achieve its potential, personalised care must become a global movement.

Below are a few of the international online events that we’ll be speaking at this year as we work to spread the word about personalised care. We’d be delighted if you’d like to join us.

WONCA Europe 6-10 July

Workshop: Personalised care in the post Covid world – opportunities and challenges for general practice.

Come along to this 90-minute interactive group session focusing on how we can continue to deliver personalised care in this post-Covid world.

Global Health Literacy Summit 5th & 6th October 2021

Workshop: Transforming the medical model, transforming the workforce.

Join PCI Clinical Director Pauline Foreman for this workshop alongside Jim Phillips CEmPaC.

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