Virtual Patients

Developed in conjunction with the Keele University, the Personalised Care Institute has launched its first virtual non immersive reality training simulations to explore the key Shared Decision Making (SDM) microskills of agenda-setting, teach-back, exploring patient preferences around treatment options and reaching a shared decision.

These free, quality-assured Virtual Patient avatars will provide health and care professionals of all levels of seniority and experience with an opportunity test and develop their SDM skills through a series of life-like simulated patient consultations  in a risk-free environment.  Each Virtual Patient consultation can be completed in 10-15 minutes.  

The first two scenarios to be launched are an in-person consultation based on an osteoarthritis discussion and a remote consultation by telephone with a father concerning his son’s sore throat. Two further scenarios, a referral for suspected bowel cancer and a discussion around the ongoing use of antidepressants are due to be launched in the coming months.  

SDM has been found to result in better patient outcomes, increased adherence to treatment, reduced repeat appointments and fewer regrets about decisions relating to their health and care.

PCI Virtual Patient Scenarios

Stopping an Anti-depressant

Sharon has a review appointment booked in with her GP in 2 weeks time, and she has some concerns about this appointment that she would like to discuss with someone. You have not met Sharon before but have been asked to discuss her concerns. You have introduced yourself to Sharon, confirmed her identity and have established she prefers to be called Sharon.

Suspected Bowel Cancer Consultation 

This is exercise one of three, of a consultation with Takuma Hayashi. In this consultation you will conduct the initial stages of a consultation, including establishing what they would like to talk about. 

Osteoarthritis Consultation 

You recently met Celia in a consultation two weeks prior to today. In the previous consultation, you had a discussion with Celia to see how she was managing with her arthritis and she took a decision aid away with her to think about her options. This appointment today is to explore the options and discuss what Celia wants to do.


Type 2 Diabetes

You are meeting with Shanvi Desai for the first time following her diagnosis with Type 2 Diabetes and since her GP prescribed Metformin. You have not met Mrs. Desai previously, but she has attended this practice before. You have already covered clinical areas including medication, blood sugar and blood tests, and are now entering a discussion about Mrs. Desai’s lifestyle.

 Remote Consultation

You have not met or spoken to Stephen or Elijah before this consultation. Stephen phoned the surgery this morning to try and get an appointment for Elijah who is complaining of a sore throat. The receptionist informed Stephen that somebody from the surgery would give him a call back this morning.

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