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Launched in 2021, our ambassador programme provides a platform for the Personalised Care Institute and health and care professionals to work together to demonstrate the value of personalised care; advocating for its adoption across health and social care in order to empower people to feel in control and confident about their health.

Our ambassadors represent over 25 different clinical and non-clinical professions and specialties working in primary, secondary and social care, academia and industry. They spread the word on personalised care by authoring articles in leading journals and publications, crafting blogs for prestigious health organisations and royal colleges, and speaking on podcasts and at professional conferences. 

A full list of our existing ambassador cohort can be found here.

Programme Aims

We aim to bring personalised care to more people, and our Ambassadors are at the forefront of achieving this goal. Our team of Ambassadors comprises healthcare professionals from various backgrounds and specialties, who share a passion for personalised care.

“It’s fantastic to see our ambassador programme going from strength to strength, with over 100 new health and care professionals joining our original cohort. Our ambassadors do a brilliant job spreading the word on how personalised care improves health outcomes and leads to better experiences for patients and health and care professionals. I am looking forward to working with them on our shared mission of putting personalised care at the heart of health and care practice.”

Dr Emma Hyde, PCI Clinical Director

Opportunities as an Ambassador

Our ambassadors have the opportunity to collaborate with other healthcare professionals who share your passion for personalised care. Our programme provides training and support to Ambassadors, including access to the latest resources and networking opportunities. You will also have the chance to help spread awareness about the importance of personalised care and its benefits to patients.

Over the past year, ambassadors have successfully spread the word about personalised care locally, nationally and even internationally through several blog posts, articles, speaking engagements and publications. A few examples include:

Quotes from our Ambassadors

Become an Ambassador

Applications for our Ambassadors programme are currently closed. Please check back for any updates.

Future opportunities will be announced through this webpage and our social media channels.

Interested in collaborating with our ambassadors? Get in touch about how we can work together here

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