Bespoke at-scale training for ICBs, PCNs and other healthcare organisations

Personalised care at-scale: Bespoke training based on local needs and priorities

Integrated Care Systems (ICSs) and Primary Care Networks (PCNs) are working hard to improve outcomes, tackle inequalities and create better services against an increasingly challenging backdrop.

Evidence demonstrates that personalised care can reduce GP appointments, emergency admissions and health inequalities, while initiatives suggest the approach supports more positive patient experiences in areas including cancer care, diabetes and maternity. We believe it can be especially effective in supporting people with multi-morbidities.

However, the successful implementation of personalised care processes and initiatives across services, teams and locations is often
more complex than it first appears.

Let the PCI help you unlock these benefits for your organisation, workforce and community.

About our Service

Personalised Care at-Scale’ is our bespoke consultancy and training service for ICSs, PCNs and other NHS and private healthcare organisations.

We work directly with commissioners to understand local needs and priorities and then build tailored training packages to engage, educate and equip their workforce to implement real changes on the ground. 

Commission us and get:
● Access to our extensive network of subject experts and specialists.
● Focused training built around local priorities, from health inequalities to multi-morbidities, and tailored to the teams you select.
● A chance to hear from experts who have implemented new policies and processes on the ground.

Our training comes highly-rated

Since being founded in 2020, the PCI has trained more than 50,000 health and care professionals to improve people’s experiences and outcomes. Our training is highly-rated and more than 4 in 5 learners say that our introductory modules will have a positive impact on their day-to-day practice.

A survey of 2,372 learners who undertook our training found:

  • 87% strongly agreed that the training would have a positive impact on their day to day practice
  • 84% strongly agreed that the training further developed current skills they had
  • 87% said that the training had introduce them to new models or approaches that they would use in their day-to-day practice
  • 85% of participants strongly agreed that they would recommend the training to another professional
  • 87% of participants said that the training materials were very good quality
  • 85% said that the training provision was very good

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