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The evidence base for personalised care is growing, and demonstrates a positive impact on people, the healthcare system and healthcare professionals. Involving people in decisions about their healthcare and equipping them to self-manage at home leads to improved health outcomes, increased healthcare capacity and higher patient and clinician satisfaction.

Personalised care training allows health and care professionals to equip themselves with the knowledge and skills they need to ensure people:

  • Are treated as a whole person by professionals they trust
  • Are involved in decisions about their health and care
  • Are supported to manage their own health and well-being, through health coaching, access to self-management programmes and peer to peer support in the community
  • Feel their care is coordinated

What training does the PCI offer?

We’ve developed the first-ever personalised care curriculum that articulates the values, behaviours and capabilities required by a multi-professional workforce to deliver personalised care and that sets out an educational framework for learning the essential elements to this approach.

We offer a range of courses that are suitable for all health and care professionals, regardless of profession or seniority. 85% of healthcare professionals who complete our courses would be very likely to recommend them to others. Our courses offer training support around Shared Decision Making (SDM), Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP) and more. Learners can also take advantage of our training webinars and podcast.

What accredited training does the PCI offer?

As well as running our own courses, the PCI accredits a wide range of learning programmes run by trusted training providers whose courses have met our rigorous standards of excellence.

How would commissioning PCI training benefit your workforce and patients?

Personalised care is central to the delivery of the NHS Long-Term Plan and the PCI sets the standards for high quality personalised care education. Feedback from our training courses is very positive, with participants highly rating the overall quality of training materials, delivery, results and impact.

In April 2021, we surveyed 2,372 training participants to understand the value of our personalised care training. Research indicates that:

  • 87% strongly agreed that the training would have a positive impact on their day to day practice
  • 84% strongly agreed that the training further developed current skills they had
  • 87% said that the training had introduce them to new models or approaches that they would use in their day-to-day practice
  • 85% of participants strongly agreed that they would recommend the training to another professional
  • 87% of participants said that the training materials were very good quality
  • 85% said that the training provision was very good

Want to view a collection of all our online digital resources? We have collected them into an extensive list. 

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How do I know what training to commission?

As well as our accredited training, we’ve collated a list of useful resources to help commissioners identify the training needs of those delivering personalised care in new Network Contract DES roles. Below you’ll find a useful list of resources to help you select the most relevant training courses for your organisation.

Implementing the Comprehensive Model for Universal Personalised Care

This document sets out how the NHS Long Term Plan commitments for personalised care will be delivered. It introduces the comprehensive model and six components for delivering personalised care.

Network Contract Directed Enhanced Service 2020/21

Here you can read more about The Network Contract DES which forms part of a long-term, larger package of general practice contract reform.

Health Coaching Implementation and Quality Summary Guide – NHS England

This summary guide is aimed at people and organisations leading local implementation of health coaching, giving a comprehensive overview. View Technical Annexes (extra reading).

Social Prescribing Link Worker Welcome Pack – NHS England

This welcome pack includes useful information to help Link Workers in primary care networks find out more about their role and what support is available.

Care Coordinator Worker Welcome Pack – NHS England

This welcome pack includes useful information to help Care Coordinator Workers in primary care networks find out more about their role and what support is available.

Health and Wellbeing Coach Worker Welcome Pack – NHS England

This welcome pack includes useful information to help health and wellbeing coach workers in primary care networks find out more about their role and what support is available.

Personalised Care for Veterans in England: A Guide for Clinical Commissioning Groups and Local Authorities

This guide contains tailored information setting out what personalised care may mean for veterans living in England.

Feedback received included:

“This course has enhanced my understanding of Shared Decision Making, which I was a little unsure about until now.”

“The training reframed many of the techniques I already used and put them into a more structured setting, so that I know where I am going.”

“I found the course empowering. It was a helpful reminder of just how crucial it is to partner with patients to bring about beneficial change, rather than taking the role of an instructor or preacher.”

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