Our Purpose

The Personalised Care Institute (PCI) is changing the lives of patients by helping to empower them with the knowledge, skills and confidence to feel more in control of their mental and physical health.

We do this by educating and inspiring health and care professionals to deliver universal personalised care that takes into account an individual’s strengths, needs and expectations, in order to deliver the right care for them.

A passionate team, we set the standards for evidence-based personalised care training, providing a robust quality-assurance and accreditation framework for training providers and commissioners along with a central learning hub for health and care professional learners.

We know that the thought of embedding personalised care within our day-to-day conversations, frameworks and contracts could feel daunting for many, but with 40% of patients saying they would like to be more involved in decisions about the management of their healthcare, it has become increasingly clear that the health and care industry needs to consider its approach.

Personalised care requires health and care professionals to reframe their focus from ‘what’s the matter’ with someone to ‘what matters’ to someone. It improves health, quality of life and integration of care by allowing individuals to take on as much responsibility as they want for managing their own health, without ever feeling left on their own.

We have already developed the first ever curriculum for personalised care and, through our network of more than 40 health associations, organisations and charities, are dedicated to training 75,000 health and care professionals by 2024, changing the face of health and care in England and delivering on our purpose of empowering patients to feel more in control of their mental and physical health.

The NHS Long Term Plan outlines the NHS’s aim to ensure that 2.5 million people are given personalised care by 2024. To bring this to life, the health and care workforce will be supported to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide personalised care. The Institute will offer the workforce a range of flexible ways to develop these skills.

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