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To assist learners with their training, we’ve compiled a list of useful resources with further guidance around specific topics relating to personalised care.

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Shared Decision Making (SDM)

Guide to Shared Decision Making – Aqua, Academy of Medical Royal Colleges, University of Cambridge
Using this resource, health and care practitioners can find more information on SDM and how to implement it in practice.

Shared Decision Making: Summary Guide – NHS England
This summary guide is intended for people leading local implementation of SDM.

Train the Trainer Online Resource – Aqua and NHS England
This resource is intended as a complete ‘off the shelf’ resource for a team/department/practice or organisation to use to help them implement SDM.

Personalised Care and Support Planning

Personalised Care and Support Planning – NHS England
Here practitioners can find the main features and benefits of personalised care and support planning.

Personalised Care and Support Planning for End of Life Care – RCGP
Working in partnership, NHS England, the RCGP and Marie Curie partnership, Macmillan and the North West Clinical Network have developed a series of learning resources to support best-practice end of life care quality improvement in practice.

Dementia – Care and Support Planning toolkit
The toolkit offered here is based on the Year of Care approach to care and support planning (CSP) which has been widely implemented in primary care for a range of long-term conditions including diabetes, respiratory disease and heart disease. The toolkit is suitable for use with other personalised approaches such as Esther.

Social Prescribing and Community-Based Support

Social Prescribing and Community-Based Support: Summary Guide – NHS England
This summary guide is aimed at people and organisations leading local implementation of supported self-management, giving a comprehensive overview of social prescribing and community-based support.

Social Prescribing Link Worker Welcome Pack – NHS England
This welcome pack includes useful information to help Link Workers in primary care networks find out more about their role and what support is available.

Social Prescribing For Cancer Patients: A Guide for Primary Care Networks – Macmillan Cancer Support
This guide supports Primary Care Networks and the wider workforce to understand the important role Social Prescribers play in supporting people living with cancer.

10 Top Tips for Primary Care: Social Prescribing for Cancer Patients – Macmillan Cancer Support
Macmillan GP advisers have collaborated with members of the Macmillan primary care community to develop a ’10 top tips’ series of downloads that offer practical hints, tips and information on a variety of different primary care situations and scenarios.

Supported Self-Management

Tools to Implement Supported Self-Management – NHS England
Explore a range of guides that support teams of health and care professionals to deliver personalised care through supported self-management.

Supported self-management for people with Long Term Conditions Workshop 1
This workshop focuses on understand and exploring the impact of living with long term health as well as understanding self management and  supported self-management and an introduction the UCLP protocols. The workshop is aimed at staff working in primary care, implementing the UCLPartners Proactive Care Frameworks.

Supported self-management for people with Long Term Conditions Workshop 2
Aimed at staff working in primary care, implementing the UCLPartners Proactive Care Frameworks.  This workshop focuses on Coaching conversations, understanding readiness to change using OARS, implementing the UCLP protocols and strategies for improving activation.

Communication Skills Training: Type 2 Diabetes
This training video looking at ways to improve conversations with people living with Type 2 Diabetes about healthy eating and exercise. 

Communication Skills Training: COPD
Ways to improve conversations with people using coaching and motivational interviewing techniques as well as supporting self-management and behaviour change. 

Communication Skills Training: Blood Pressure
A health check review conversation with a person living with high blood pressure.

Health Budgets

Personal Health Budgets Overview – NHS England
Here you’ll find everything you need to know about personal health budgets.

Additional Resources for Delivering Personalised Care

Money in Mind: Money and mental health signposting tool
This signposting tool (Money in Mind) sets out a range of questions a mental health professional can ask to explore any issues a service user might be experiencing about money.

Person-Centred Care toolkit
The Person-Centred Care toolkit has been developed with NHS England to support GPs and primary care teams.

Behaviour Change Framework – NHS England
This toolkit supports health and care professionals looking to equip themselves with the right level of behaviour change skills.

Health Coaching Implementation and Quality Summary Guide – NHS England
This summary guide is aimed at people and organisations leading local implementation of health coaching, giving a comprehensive overview. View Technical Annexes (extra reading).

Communicating Potential Harms and Benefits in Healthcare: E-learning Courses – University of Cambridge
Here you’ll find a series of e-Learning courses to equip health and care professionals with the tools and techniques needed to communicate complex information clearly and effectively, to better support patients to make informed treatment decisions.

Explain My Procedure                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 A valuable resource which supports health literacy, shared decision-making and informed consent. 

Palliative and End of Life Care Toolkit
This toolkit is to help local systems implement the PRSB Palliative and End of Life Care Information standard so that people get the best care at the end of their life, ensuring that the person is at the heart of important decision making.

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