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About Peak Health Coaching

Peak Health Coaching is an education and training company with a mission to engage, encourage and challenge health and care professionals to work with a coaching mindset to deliver person-centred care in person-centred systems and create the right environment for everyone to thrive – not just survive. All programmes are informed by front-line experience and education at their best.

Two-Day PCI-Accredited Tailored Health Coaching Course – Peak Health Coaching (PHC)

Designed by coach-trained healthcare professionals, this two-day programme provides the ideal opportunity for you to discover and develop health coaching mindsets and skills tailored to activation. Feedback suggests that this training is experiential, authentic and immediately impactful.

4-Day PCI-Accredited Tailored Health Coaching Development Programme – Peak Health Coaching (PHC)

Learn advanced skills in communication, relationship-building, motivational interviewing, patient activation and behaviour change, practising tailored health coaching for person-centred care from day one. Trainers with extensive clinical and teaching experience will work in partnership with you, supporting and developing individual coaching capabilities (Levels 1-3 of the PCI Health Coaching Curriculum). Online, face-to-face and hybrid options are available for individual and group bookings.

2 Day Core Care Coordinator Training – Peak Health Coaching (PHC)

In-line with the Workforce Development Framework and PCI curriculum, we are delighted to be able to offer this bespoke programme for Care Co-ordinator colleagues. It has been designed by front-line NHS staff, with real-world experience, to create an authentic learning opportunity and get Care Co-ordinators off to a flying start.


About Know Your Own Health

Know Your Own Health has specialised in Supported Self-Management since 2010, working with other leaders in the field and developing on-the-ground experience of how to support effective self-management and how to achieve the best outcomes for patients and the NHS. Its expertise combines both health coaching skills, as used in the context of Personalised Care, and, optionally, data collection and monitoring.

4-day Training for ‘Health & Wellbeing Coaches’ – Know Your Own Health

KYOH’s training provides all the skills needed to work as Health & Wellbeing Coaches in the first 2 days of the training. The second 2 days of the 4-day training consists of a group skills development and individual supervision package that enables coaches to embed the skills. Individual supervision and/or group skills development can optionally be continued beyond the initial training.

2-day training for Care Coordinators, Social-Prescribing Link Workers (and for other health and social care roles)

KYOH’s training in Health Coaching Skills enables those in roles other than Health & Wellbeing Coaching to have ‘Coaching Conversations’ with patients. The training includes: PCI-accredited core skills training together with how to use health coaching skills in the context of each role. The 2-day training can be provided in dedicated cohorts of Care Coordinators or SPLWs or can be in mixed groups.

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About DNA Insight

DNA Insight is a health and care training consultancy that focuses on providing training and consultancy advice to Primary Care organisations and ICSs/ICPs in support of the NHS Long Term Plan to deliver personalised care. These courses set you up for success, and have a reputation for being engaging, practical and enjoyable.

Care Coordinator Plus – 2 Day Care Coordination Course – DNA Insight

The 2-day Care Coordinator Plus Programme embraces the aim of professionalising the role of the Care Coordinator in Primary Care, and is fully compliant with the NHS 2023 Workforce Development Framework. The Programme provides Care Coordinators with the knowledge, skills and confidence to make an immediate and positive impact on their PCNs and Practices.

Care Coordinator Plus focuses on equipping delegates for the varied roles which Care Coordinators undertake. These include all aspects of the EHCH role, convening and managing MDTs, running Group Consultations, and supporting cohorts of vulnerable patients. The Programme includes access to 12 months of 24/7 telephone support and membership of a formal Care Coordinator Peer Support Group.


Accredited Training Programme for Social Prescribers, Care Coordinators and Health and Wellbeing Coaches – DNA Insight

Highly practical in nature, the three half-day workshops provide the knowledge, skills and confidence to help you to make an immediate impact with patients. Incorporating the key Personalised Care skills of Active Listening, Motivational Interviewing, Health Coaching and Personalised Care and Support Planning, SocialPrescriberPlus can be delivered face to face or online.

Individual modules are available as standalone courses and workshops, to meet the diverse needs of CCGs and ICS Training Hubs. For more information, or to discuss a workshop, please email

Introduction to Health Coaching

HealthCoachPlus™ – DNA Insight

Designed for Primary Care and Community based staff, this Introduction to Health Coaching workshop is ideal for healthcare professionals who may need to use health coaching techniques in their role, but who will not be using health coaching full time. The workshop provides HCPs with the knowledge, skills and confidence to transition seamlessly between offering clinical advice, and engaging in wider health coaching conversations with patients and clients.

Motivational interviewing – DNA Insight

Focusing on supporting and engaging patients with a lower Patient Activation level, this module provides healthcare professionals with a thorough introduction to Motivational Interviewing techniques – empowering patients to take greater control and responsibility for their own health and wellbeing, The workshop provides plenty of opportunities to practice and discuss techniques in a safe and supportive group environment.

Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP) – DNA Insight

This workshop is for healthcare professionals throughout Primary Care and the wider Community. The Programme provides guidance and Best Practice in the co-creation of Care Plans by ARRS roles with their patients, as well as Plans created for those living with Long Term Conditions, and Care Planning for the PCN’s EHCH commitment. Also, provides HCPs with the knowledge, skills and confidence to embed a Care Planning approach throughout their clinical role.

Making Every Contact Count (MECC) – DNA Insight

An essential and powerful Personalised Care skill for every healthcare professional, MECC involves the proactive provision of brief healthcare advice to patients and clients in any healthcare environment. The workshop provides case studies and numerous examples of MECC-ready situations and opportunities, in which healthcare professionals can offer proactive advice empathetically, without feeling self-conscious or that they are intruding. 

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About Advancing Quality Alliance (Aqua)

Advancing Quality Alliance (Aqua) supports health and care organisations and systems to identify, refine and embed sustainable strategies for high-quality care and regulatory excellence. Their members and customers benefit from access to expert advisors as well as a comprehensive programme of courses and events to help build internal capability and develop cutting-edge approaches to care quality.

Applied Shared Decision Making for Teams

Our Applied Shared Decision Making for Teams programme will support participants to understand shared decision making (SDM) and the need for change in current practice. It will enable you to explore the benefits of practicing SDM and the key challenges to implementing it.

Applied Motivational Interviewing for Teams

Applied Motivational Interviewing for Teams enables health and care professionals to gain an understanding of motivational interviewing techniques and apply them to their own clinical practice. The programme is structured around direct learning plus coaching support to embed learning and demonstrate how using the skills has improved practice.

Personalised Care by Design

Personalised Care by Design will support teams to embed Personalised Care within their service. Starting with an overview of the fundamental elements of Personalised Care, we will facilitate teams to identify their own challenge in implementing Personalised Care and then support them to undertake an improvement project.

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About Bridges Self-Management

Bridges Self-Management is a social enterprise that exists to make a difference to the lives of people living with acute and long-term conditions. Having worked with healthcare teams since 2013, Bridges fosters sustainable cultural change by creating a shared ethos of self-management support that fits with a team’s language, systems and processes.

The Programme – Bridges Self-Management

The Bridges model is underpinned by the principles of social cognitive theory and the concept of self-efficacy. This evidenced-based programme uses a 5-stage approach to sustainable system change and is directed towards whole teams across the patient pathway. All workshops are co-delivered by clinicians and people who live with a long-term health condition.

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About the PMA

PMA is a vibrant membership organisation serving non-clinicians across the whole Health & Social Care sector. Truly Passionate about People, we are focused on the needs of our clients. Supportive and flexible in our approach to learning, we offer a wide variety of learning interventions that include apprenticeships, diplomas, workshops, e-Learning, webinars, podcasts, consultancy and digital services as well as event management.

PMA Excellence in Personalised Care Certificate

This five-module blended e-learning programme provides information and insight, supporting teams to embed personalised care within their practice. At the start of the programme learners will choose the appropriate pathway, either Social Prescribing Link Worker, Care Coordinator or Health and Wellbeing Coach, allowing the units to be specific to their role.

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About Year of Care Partnerships

Year of Care Partnerships is an NHS organisation with over 15 years’ experience in designing and supporting the delivery of personalised care for people living with long-term health conditions. With a strong person-centred ethos, they have content expertise in all areas of the personalised care model and extensive experience in the practical implementation of personalised care and support planning.

Personalised Care and Support Planning Training and Facilitation – Year of Care Partnerships

This training and facilitation course supports you to implement care and support planning and shared decision making for people with long-term conditions. A combination of skills-based learning and hands-on support enables changes to systems of care and a different style of interaction between you and those who live with long-term conditions.

Putting shared decision making into action – Year of Care Partnerships

This training is for groups of, or individual, clinicians who want to work out how to introduce and embed shared decision making as a service improvement within their area of clinical practice in line with national policy and guidance. This covers tools, systems, skills and values and can be delivered remotely or face to face.

About HN

HN is a healthcare company that delivers AI guided case-finding, remote monitoring, clinical health coaching and virtual ward solutions to the NHS.

They provide practical applications of population health management, going beyond just identifying high-cost, high-need patients and actually intervening to support them to improve their health outcomes and reduce their care consumption.

Six-Month Work-Based Health Coaching Course – HN

This course is evidence-based and draws on tried and tested coaching models and approaches. With an aim to deliver improved patient-reported outcome measures (PROMS) and a reduction in workload for practice staff, the interactive programme takes a blended approach of workshops, action learning sets and mentoring. Supported by a course leader, you can expect a stimulating learning environment, to share experiences, ideas, opinions and questions. The course is currently being offered virtually.

About Health Coaching Academy (HCA)

The Health Coaching Academy specialises in training health and care professionals and volunteers in the core health coaching skills vital to delivering quality personalised care, overcoming barriers and transforming health and wellbeing outcomes. Their range of services include accredited training, practical toolkits, e-learning, ‘train the trainer’ masterclasses and supervision.

4-day EMCC Accredited Health Coaching Skills Training – HCA

Three live days and one day of e-Learning provide a highly interactive, experiential learning experience, focusing on core skills development and how to embed these into practice. Expert trainers deliver live days, blending theory with supported practice, whilst e-Learning enables you to work at your own pace and further explore key skills and concepts.

2-day Health Coaching Skills Foundations Course – HCA

This 2-day course is offered as either 2 x live days or 1 live day + 6 x e-Learning modules. The live option provides you with 12 CPD points but offers more face-to-face training, whereas the blended option provides 18 CPD points with the e-Learning available for 12 months. Both routes contribute towards an EMCC accreditation when upgrading to the 4-day course.

1-day Online e-Learning Health Coaching Skills Course – HCA

This online e-Learning course shares the fundamentals of Health Coaching and its importance in enabling personalised care to happen. Containing 39 lessons, 23 quizzes and 20 exercises spread across 6 modules – and all accessible for 12 months – means you can learn at a time and pace that is right for you.

1-day Introduction to Health Coaching Skills Training – HCA

This 1-day live training course introduces you to Health Coaching and its importance in enabling personalised care to happen. This live training will give you 6 CPD points and can be ‘topped-up” to complete the 2-day or 4-day Health Coaching Skills training.


4-day Advanced Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP) Training – HCA

Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP) is a series of facilitated conversations where the patient actively participates in the management of their health and wellbeing to improve health outcomes. This 4-day course is for anyone involved in Personalised Care support and shares a 6-step approach to develop an impactful PCSP.

2-day Fundamentals of Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP) Training – HCA

In this 2-day course, we introduce the core elements of Personalised Care and Support Planning and the 6 Steps to successful PCSP.  We develop a range of skills to have more person-centred conversations to support shared decision making and empower behaviour change.

1-day Introduction to Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP) Training – HCA

In this 1-day course, we introduce the core elements of Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP) and the 6 Steps to successful PCSP. We begin to develop the core skills to have more person-centred conversations.

Advanced Personalised Communications – 1, 2 or 3 day courses – HCA

For all health and care professionals – highly practical building knowledge, skills and confidence to increase trust, transform relationships, enhance teamwork and improve patient outcomes.


About TPC Health

TPC Health is at the forefront of personalised care innovations in health and social care They are proud to have been developing health coaching and health coaching training since 2008 and have been working in the health and care system for over 20 years.  They are passionate about supporting practitioners and systems to deliver personalised coordinated care, designed to fit around a person’s health and care needs.

4-Day EMCC Accredited Health Coaching Programme – TPC Health

This programme is designed for anyone who delivers Health Coaching (e.g health and wellbeing coaches, Social Prescribing link workers and health professionals). It will provide you with the knowledge and skills in how to deliver Health Coaching and behaviour change to support personalised care, and provide a practical set of tools and techniques that you can apply immediately in your work.

2-Day Health Coaching Core Skills Programme – TPC Health

This programme is designed to support practitioners from all health, care, community and voluntary sectors to learn how to use health coaching effectively. It provides you with the knowledge, skills and techniques needed to make the mindset shift in how you approach consultations and integrate health coaching into your role to support personalised care.

2-Day Health Coaching Skills Programme for Social Prescribers – TPC Health

This programme enables people working in social prescribing roles to use a coaching approach to support community-based self-management and the utilisation of community assets. Health Coaching skills are an integral part of the toolkit for people working in social prescribing roles, and this training will equip you to have high-quality conversations with people to find out what matters to them.

Shared Decision Making Training Programme – TPC Health

This is a half day training programme, delivered virtually, that will support practitioners from all health, care, community and voluntary sectors to learn the process of good quality Shared Decision Making and provide individuals with the knowledge, skills and techniques to support people in making decisions about their health and care.

Personalised Care and Support Planning Training Programme – TPC Health

This is a half day training programme, delivered virtually, that supports practitioners from all health, care, community and voluntary sectors who are involved in the development of personalised care and support plans. It will provide practitioners with the knowledge, skills and techniques to have more personalised conversations with people, understand what matters to them, and work with them to identify solutions to meet their care and support needs.

About Osca Agency

Osca is a social enterprise dedicated to social value. They have been delivering Coaching for Health and Personalised Care programmes since 2010, combining extensive coaching expertise with real-life clinical experience to provide tailored training to thousands of health and social care professionals from a wide range of disciplines.

2-day course face-to-face, 4 half-days online Coaching for Health – Osca

Osca’s core health coaching training. This course supports behaviour change through the tailored application of coaching principles and skills to a healthcare setting. Person-centred and practical, it combines non-directive coaching approaches with the skills to constructively challenge and demonstrates how to implement these in limited time.

2 half-day course face-to-face or online Coaching for Health – Osca

For those unable to accommodate the full 2-day programme, we have developed a summary course which covers the core elements. This includes the foundational coaching models and frameworks along with the skills for constructive challenge. As with the longer course, this can be tailored to the needs of your service and aims to get participants up and running quickly with the skills needed to apply Coaching for Health to their practice.

4 Bitesize Session Online Course Coaching for Health – Osca

Recognising the increasing demand on health professionals’ time, we now also provide our two half-day course over four bitesize sessions. These are delivered online, in 90 – 120-minute slots, and scheduled over lunchtimes to enable participants to integrate the programme into their day-to-day professional lives. This format also allows for further practice between sessions, which helps to embed the skills.

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About Undivided Training

Co-founders, Clare and Jo, began their partnership working together in the demonstrator phase of the Black Country personalised care programme, expanding health coaching from a single, successful pilot, across primary care and community services. They are described by trainees and partners as enthusiastic trainers, with a real passion for person-centred care.

Health Coaching for Front Line Staff 2 day course– Undivided Training Ltd

Designed and delivered by practising health coaches and trainers with a focus on person-centred care. This course is suitable for frontline staff such as social prescribers and the new ARRS roles, nurses, GPs, allied health professionals, supporting the development of skills, confidence and knowledge to excel in the field of coaching for behaviour change in health and social care.

Personalised Care and Support Plan Training

This course is suitable for staff engaged in the development of personalised care plans across health and social care, including care coordinators and those in ARRS roles in primary care. This one-day course includes.

  • Knowledge of the purpose, value and importance of Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP) in the context of Personalised Care.
  • Skills development in communication, listening, using empathy, reflections and open questions
  • Skills to formally assess and review existing care plan templates
  • Understanding the obstacles to creating a great PCSP,  including common traps and planning for uncertainty/ complexity

4 Day Health Coaching Training

Designed for Health and Wellbeing Coaches, this course develops trainees up to level 3 of the PCI Health Coaching Curriculum. Course trainers have practical current experience as NHS Health coaches and will support and coach trainees to develop their practice, through 4 days intensive training followed by 6 months supervision as well as two skills update sessions in the following 12 months.

Health Literacy for Personalised Care

Health literacy awareness for Personalised Care. Gain a greater understanding of health literacy in the context of health inequalities. Learn tools and techniques to get the best from conversations/ information sharing, that will: tangibly improve patient experience, contribute positively to staff satisfaction and make best use of NHS and care sector resources.

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About Raw Horizons Wellbeing Academy

Their mission is to train expert wellbeing coaches. For over 10 years, they have helped thousands of people to gain perspective on how to take better care of themselves. This experience has been curated into specially designed wellbeing coach training programmes.

4-Day Wellbeing Coach Training Course – Raw Horizons Wellbeing Academy

This course is specifically designed to provide all the knowledge, skills and confidence needed as a certified wellbeing coach. Specialist trainers create a blended learning experience, focusing on core coaching skills, plus a range of wellbeing coaching techniques. Live interactive virtual learning incorporates lectures, discussions, workshops and practical coaching practice. The course is also accredited by The Association for Coaching and has certification and membership included.


About Et al Training

Et al Training has been training NHS professionals since 2007 and has a proven track record of delivering interactive and memorable training. Alongside the Motivational Interviewing study day, they also provide a portfolio of clinical training and pride themselves on trainers being experts in their field.

1-Day Interactive Motivational Interviewing Zoom Study Day – Et al Training

This explains the why and the how of Motivational Interviewing, which is a skill central to an effective approach to the delivery of personalised care. The study day uses a PowerPoint-free, practical and engaging style that’s suitable for all staff – clinical or non-clinical – who can learn together in groups of up to 40.

About Help & Care


Help & Care has experience of delivering health coaching services across Dorset since 2013, providing a practice-based foundation informing our evidence-based training programme. Our collaboration with CEmPAC and the Dorset Primary Care Training Hub brings a unique dynamic to our training offer and ongoing development.

Help & Care offer two PCI- accredited courses for health and care professionals:

Person-centred Conversations: Skills Training (Modules 1 – 4)

4 half-day sessions

This course is suitable for all staff across the system. Suitable for individual practitioners within the Health and Social Care workforce and community teams (Clinical Consultants, AHP’s, Health and Wellbeing Coaches, Care Coordinators, Social Prescribers, Social Workers etc).

It will provide practitioners with an overview of health coaching skills, with techniques to have more personalised conversations with people and understand what matters to them, and to identify solutions.

Person-centred Conversations: Skills Practice (Modules 5 – 8)

4 half-day sessions

This course is suitable for Health & Wellbeing Coaches, Team Leaders, health & care professionals with special interest e.g. GP’s, Allied Health, Social Workers or trainee health & care professionals. 

The course continues from the Person-centred Conversations: Skills Training modules 1 to 4, with a focus on practice, next steps, and assessment.

About Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University has been awarded the Skills for Health Quality Mark for our Health related courses. It is the only standard for the UK’s health sector which defines and endorses superior delivery of learning and training that healthcare employers need for a highly motivated and effective workforce. The benchmark shows that as a training provider we are delivering world-class training.

2-Day Care Co-ordination Course – Birmingham City University

Birmingham City University, has developed care coordination training that offers a practical, step-by-step approach for the implementation of safe and effective care coordination. The training will give staff the confidence, skills and knowledge required to deliver a fully personalised and integrated service to patients within a primary care setting. The training also follows the Care Coordination competency framework, produced and developed by Birmingham City University.

About Personalised Care Training Academy

The PCTA is the training arm of Pathways CIC, one of the top 100 Social Enterprises in the UK (NatWestSE100), GOLD accredited by IIP and identified as one of the top 10% of IIP employers, gaining the IiP Small Businesses of the Year 2020 Award. Pathways CIC has direct experience of recruiting, training and hosting staff under the NHS ARRS and has staff supporting behaviour change on a wide variety of public sector contracts.

Personalised Care in Practice – Introduction to Care Coordination 

This 1 day programme equips Care Coordinators with the fundamental knowledge and practical skills to deliver safe and effective care coordination. The training follows NHSE Care Coordinator Workforce Development
Framework guidelines to enable Care Coordinators to deliver the Comprehensive
Model of Personalised Care.

Personalised Care in Practice – Health Coaching Core Skills


This 2 day programme provides practitioners with the knowledge, skills and confidence to work effectively with vulnerable patients or clients, using health coaching techniques to bring about behaviour change, reduce health risks and inequalities, whilst helping patients to navigate the wider health and social care system and empowering people to take greater control over their health and wellbeing.   

Personalised Care in Practice – Comprehensive Health Coaching 


This 4 day programme equips Health and Wellbeing Coaches with the knowledge and practical skills to support patients to set personalised goals, focusing on what matters most to them, guiding them to increase their self-efficacy, motivation and commitment to make, and sustain, changes to their lifestyle and improve their health and wellbeing. The training follows and is compliant with the NHSE Workforce Development Framework.

Personalised Care in Practice –Comprehensive Care Coordination 

This 3 day programme provides Care Coordinators with the comprehensive knowledge and practical skills to help co-ordinate and navigate care across the health and care system, helping people make the right connections, with the right teams at the right time in order to live well with their health conditions. Our training ensures Care Coordinators are able to support people to have greater control over their health and care, coupled with being skilled in assessing people’s changing needs. The training follows and is compliant with the NHSE Workforce Development Framework guidelines to enable Care Coordinators to deliver the Comprehensive Model of Personalised Care.

Module 1 – Introduction to Personalised Care – Comprehensive Care Coordinator | Pathways Community Interest Company

This module provides a contextualised introduction to Personalised Care.   Participants will explore Personalised Care Support Plans and appreciate the significant shift in approach from ‘what’s the matter with you’ to ‘what matters to you’.

Module 2 – The role of the Care Coordinator – Comprehensive Care Coordinator | Pathways Community Interest Company

This module provides an introduction to the role of the Care Coordinator exploring where the role fits within the practice(s)/PCN and how the role works alongside the Social Prescribing Link Worker(s) and Health and Wellbeing Coach(es).  Duties of the role, potential priority areas, ongoing personal development needs and support/supervision requirements will be discussed.   

Module 3 – Patient Engagement – Comprehensive Care Coordinator | Pathways Community Interest 

This module provides an introduction to patient engagement/barriers to engagement and an overview of themes, models, approaches and guidance to engage, support and enable patients in a safe and effective way and environment.  The module will consider the diversity of patients and their cultural/other needs and explore approaches to promote inclusivity alongside the policies and procedures that are in place to keep yourself and your patients safe and compliant.

Module 4 – Communication – Comprehensive Care Coordinator | Pathways Community Interest Company

This module explores communication skills and styles and how to build trusted relationships whilst managing patient expectations and working within boundaries.  Communication adaptations for working in a virtual environment and or with specific patient groups will be explored. 

Module 5 –  Health Awareness – Comprehensive Care Coordinator | Pathways Community Interest Company

This module provides an introduction to Community health needs/ locality understanding.  It reflects upon health inequalities, the social determinants of health and the benefits of promoting self-efficacy through the instigation of behaviour change through the delivery of brief interventions via a strengths-based approach. PHBs (Personal Health Budgets) will be explored.    

Module 6 – Management – of self, referrals, caseload – Comprehensive Care Coordinator | Pathways Community Interest Company 


This module provides an introduction to referral generation, managing a caseload – the skills required and the challenges that might be encountered. Personal resilience and self-care strategies, support and supervision and quality improvement opportunities will be explored.

Module 7 – Personalised Care and Care Coordinator role overview and ongoing support – Comprehensive Care Coordinator | Pathways Community Interest Company


This module explores the competencies of the Care Coordinator role and their alignment with the core capabilities, models/approaches and components of Personalised Care.  Care Coordinators expectations of their role and the challenges or potential barriers they may face will be explored alongside strategies to address/overcome these in conjunction with where to go for help/support when needed. 

Wellbeing Teams

Wellbeing Teams were small, self-managed neighbourhood teams inspired by Buurtzorg. They supported people who lived at home from 2017 until 2021 and were the first self-managing organisation to be rated Outstanding by CQC. Now H S A support organisations to use the principles and practices developed by Wellbeing Teams.

Developing Outcomes and Using the Support Sequence

Excellent Personalised Care and Support Planning results in clear outcomes for people and creative ways to deliver them. This programme is designed to support developing clear, person-centred, specific outcomes and helping participants look at creative ways to achieve the outcome using a support sequence that includes technology and community.

Yoga In Healthcare Alliance (YIHA)  

The Yoga In Healthcare Alliance is a national charity which delivers the NHS-commissioned Yoga4Health 10-week social prescribing programme to NHS patients at risk of chronic illness. We train experienced yoga teachers and health professionals all over the UK to support patients to make lifestyle change through a regular yoga practice.   

60-hour YIHA Teachers Update Training

25 hours of pre-course e-learning are followed by 4 days of live sessions with expert tutors, blending theory with practice. A further half-day of assessed teaching completes the qualification.

The programme is designed for yoga tutors and health care professionals that have already successfully completed the Yoga in Healthcare Alliance Yoga4Health training, prior to it achieving PCI accreditation in July 2021. This online training will upskill graduates so that they are able to achieve the additional learning outcomes related to social prescribing within universal personalised care. Applicants must present their initial certificate of achievement for the Yoga4Health protocol upon registration for this training.

South West Collaborative

A South West England Collaborative of health and care organisations, drawing together expertise in:- quality assured training provision, health coaching and acute, community, social care, primary, VCSE professional settings. Dorset Help & Care Voluntary Sector Organisation and Torbay & South Devon NHS Foundation Trust are holding accreditation of this programme

Personalised Conversations (Health Coaching Skills 1) – 4 half day modules

2 days suitable for all staff across the system. Suitable for individual practitioners within the Health and Social Care workforce and community teams (Clinical consultants, AHP’s, Health and Wellbeing Coaches, Care Coordinators, Social Prescribers, Social workers etc).

Personalised Care & Health Coaching (Health Coaching Skills 1 & 2) – 8 half day modules

4 days learning for Health & Wellbeing Coaches or Health & Care professionals with special interest e.g. GP’s, Allied Health, Social workers or trainee health & care professionals.

About CNM (The College of Naturopathic Medicine)

  • Over 20 years of training in natural health
  • Health Coach Diploma has been running since 2019
  • Study online, flexibly or in-class in London
  • Experienced and well-respected faculty, lecturers and tutors
  • Internationally recognised and accredited
  • Graduates receive our unique ‘Clinic in a Box’ toolkit

CNM Health Coach Diploma module 4 Coaching and Health

CNM’s Coaching and Health Module, part of the Level 4 Health Coach Diploma has been designed to provide all students, whatever their background, with the skills and knowledge required to work with clients to facilitate positive health changes.

Students receive lectures from qualified personnel and academic support via live tutorials; plus the chance to observe and deliver live practice sessions, with real clients, (under supervision).

Wessex Academy for Skills in Personalised Care (WASP)

WASP is a clinically led collaborative, based within the University of Southampton.  We offer a range of training and mentorship programmes.  By integrating quality improvement methodology into our training, we aim to give teams the skills to implement meaningful and sustainable improvements to personalised care delivery.  

Fundamentals of Personalised Care – 12 week programme

Teams enrolling in this programme have an opportunity to review current personalised care behaviours across the system in which they work, by undertaking a WASP self-assessment. They are then guided to develop their understanding of personalised care, and are supported to identify and implement improvements using quality improvement methodology.

Personalised Care and Support Planning Workshop

Personalised care and support planning (PCSP) is one way in which care for people with LTCs can be coordinated and personalised.  But this is easier said than done!  This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge and skills required for PCSP, covering shared decision making, goal setting, coaching and action planning.   

Shared Decision Making Online Workshop

Shared Decision Making (SDM) is a core component of personalised care.  This one-day, online workshop, will provide participants with an in-depth introduction to SDM, the evidence and benefits, as well as skills and tools to begin to put high quality shared decision making into practice

Practice Unbound

Practice Unbound is a service and innovation arm of the award-winning Here, a not-for-profit social enterprise.

Since 2008 we have been bringing healthcare professionals together to explore challenges, create new ways of looking after our communities and enable people to take control of their health care journeys.

Practice Unbound helps change the way Health and Wellbeing services work so care can be focused on what matters to individuals.

Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine

Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine is a set of online eLearning modules enabling practitioners to empower patients through prescriptions focused on lifestyle interventions. Containing patient case studies, a self-assessment reporting tool and community of like-minded peers, it’s available for one year to complete at your own pace.

Accredited by the RCGP, it has been created by Clinical Education, Practice Unbound and leading lifestyle medicine experts Dr Rangan Chatterjee and Dr Ayan Panja.

X-PERT Health logo 2003

About X-PERT Health

We are an award-winning registered charity providing high quality evidence-based education. Our aim is to provide members of the public and health care professionals with effective education to help prevent/manage diabetes and other long-term medical conditions. We believe prevention is better than cure and the right education can achieve this.

Level Three Health & Wellbeing Coach

Our PCI-accredited Health & Wellbeing Coach Training Course (Level 3) will provide you with the knowledge, skills and confidence to incorporate behaviour change techniques into your working practices. Enabling the individuals that you support to make informed decisions on how to self-manage their condition(s) leading to better health outcomes.

About the North West Coast Learning Collaborative (NWCLC)

The North West Coast Learning Collaborative (NWCLC) is a collective of six Specialist Palliative and End of Life Care Education Centres from across Cheshire, Merseyside, Lancashire and South Cumbria.

Their aim is to work together to create, design, deliver and quality assure education and training in palliative and end of life care.

Mayfly Advance Care Planning and Communication Skills Programme

All Mayfly one-day courses are led and facilitated by expertly trained facilitators who have undertaken the 2 day highly interactive Mayfly Train the Trainer Programme.

  • Two Day Course – The ‘Train the Trainer’ course empowers facilitators to have strong subject knowledge and the required skills to safely manage group dynamics, interaction and promotion of learning. An experiential approach is taken which includes role play and peer feedback.
  • One Day Course – The one-day course is highly interactive with a range of person-centered, evidence-based content and learner-centered activities. The course is practice-focused and aims to increase understanding of why personalised support planning is important, what it is and how it is best carried out so that patients, carers and their communities gain maximum benefit.

About Well College Global

We are a bespoke college who places our health & wellbeing coaches at the center of everything we do. We are constantly adapting to reflect the needs of our coaches personally and professionally. Our training is focused on experiential learning and flexible study that fits into your lifestyle.

Level 5 Diploma of Nutrition & Health Coaching

Our blended learning approach offers 24/7 access to your online learning system – study in your own time and pace. Enjoy small group live-classes in your time zone, coaching practicals, being coached and mentored, and excellent student support. Your coaching style and confidence will flourish through training built on renowned International Coach Federation competencies and standards.

Level 5 Diploma in Coaching for Lifestyle & Wellbeing Management

UK & International Health Coaches and International Coach Federation (ICF, the gold standard in coaching) accredited! Triple accreditation options that open the doors to life coaching, mentoring, and health and wellbeing coaching across all sectors. Very affordable, live online classes (recorded), tune in from anywhere and enjoy an Immersive and personal training experience unlike any other.

About Joined Up Care Derbyshire Integrated Care System

Joined Up Care Derbyshire is the Derby and Derbyshire health, social care and VCSE partnership for adults and children. Our priority is to make improvements to our populations’ life expectancy and healthy life expectancy levels and reduce the health inequalities that are driving these differences. Quality conversations supports this priority.

Essential Foundations in Quality Conversations 

The Quality Conversations Programme supports staff across Derby and Derbyshire to have more effective conversations. Facilitated by experts, this learning champions strengths-based approaches. Topics include health inequalities, listening skills, health behaviour change techniques, goal setting and how to work with individuals to improve their health and wellbeing.

Social Prescribing Qualification Partnership

The Social Prescribing Qualification Partnership was set up between Conexus Healthcare, Bromley by Bow and the University of East London. We bring together a team of experts from across our organisations to stay at the forefront of all developments within the field and deliver comprehensive courses designed to develop link workers.

Level 3 Social Prescribing Qualification

The Level 3 Qualification in Social Prescribing is the UK’s only recognised qualification in social prescribing. Developed with NHS Funding, this Ofqual regulated course is for anyone that is planning to or is already delivering a social prescribing service, such as link workers, community navigators and health & wellbeing advisors.

About Impact Futures

Impact Futures has been successfully delivering apprenticeships and vocational qualifications across the UK, as well as providing free, expert apprenticeship recruitment solutions for businesses. Our emphasis is on engaging our learners with their training every step of the way, whilst providing constant one-to-one tutor support and continuous updates for employers.

Community Health and Well-being Worker Level 3

This level 3 apprenticeship programme develops the knowledge, skills and behaviours required to support and empower the local community to live healthier and happier lives. With the Personalised Care curriculum embedded throughout, we provide a unique programme, delivered over 13 months. Our curriculum incorporates Values in Action, cultural capital and sustainability.

About Acorn Training

Acorn Training deliver Apprenticeships, Training, Employability Support, Youth & Justice Services with integrity, ownership and accountability. We have strong roots in the local and wider communities that we serve, changing lives, inspiring individuals and their families to take responsibility for their path in life through person-centred, holistic support and learning and development.

Community Health and Wellbeing Worker (Level 3)

Acorn Training are pleased to offer the Community Health & Wellbeing Worker Apprenticeship.  This apprenticeship will support all those who work in partnership with individuals and their communities to identify and address health and wellbeing needs, improve health, prevent ill-health and reduce inequalities.

About Every-One

Every-One is a Lincolnshire based charity, that develops and delivers a range of projects and training working towards ‘making wellbeing personal’. We work with Health and Social Care partners to ensure people received personalised support and remain at the centre of their wellbeing through having choice and control.

Personalisation in Care & Support Planning

This interactive course offers a mixture of input sessions and reflective sessions to embed personalised approaches into practice for health, care and voluntary sector professionals. It will develop skills, knowledge and confidence in developing person-centred outcomes and ensuring the person is at the centre of any planning and decision making.

About Mid and South Essex Intergrated Care System 

The Mid and South Essex Intergrated Care System (MSE ICS) provides health and care to 1.2 million residents across the region. MSE ICS’s vision is for a health and care partnership working for a better quality of life in a thriving mid and south Essex, with every resident making informed choices in a strengthened health and care system.

Adopting a Coaching Approach

This Provide Community two-day classroom-based programme equips learners with the coaching knowledge, skills and techniques needed to support long-term behaviour change.

  • Day 1: A whole day focused on coaching theory, knowledge and skills practice.
  • Day 2: A half day workshop focused on reflection of coaching practice, a new technique and long-term behaviour change.

About Experience Led Care

The Experience Led Care (ELC) Programme is a social business focused on spreading and embedding person centred care, including group clinics. With Redmoor Health ( we established The Redmoor-Experience Led Care (ELC) Partnership in 2020 and have been the driving force behind the spread of video group clinics ever since.

Video Group Clinics

Group clinics provide person-centred care for people with chronic health issues. Highly efficient and with RCT evidence in diabetes. This 2.5 hour live basic training, its accompanying toolkit and free e-learning will equip your whole team to embed this transformational change. Modules include:

  • Updated Basic Training
  • Simulation training module
  • Advanced skills for clinicians module
  • Advanced skills for facilitators and clinic co-ordinators module
  • Advanced skills for ARRS personalised care practitioners module

About Live Well With Pain

Live Well with Pain is run by pain management specialists together with people living with persistent pain. As well as training, it publishes a media-rich website featuring resources both for practitioners and people with pain themselves. Guidance on the use of these resources supports people living with persistent pain to develop the confidence to self manage and live a fuller life, despite their pain.

LWWP 10 Footsteps programme

The 10 Footsteps programme is a 10 hour online training programme for health and social care professionals, delivered by professional and lived experience trainers. The 10 Footsteps training was developed in conjunction with Durham University’s Wolfson Institute of Health and Wellbeing. The aim is to enable participants to support people with persistent pain, to develop their confidence and skills in self-management. Training is spread across 10 weeks, to facilitate learning.

Striding Edge Consultancy 

At Striding Edge, we focus on delivering interactive, engaging, and memorable learning opportunities and expert facilitation to primary and social care. Our Empowered for Health programme enables colleagues to develop motivational interviewing and behaviour change techniques, that support clients in changing their outlook and aspirations about their health and wellbeing.


Level 1 – Health coaching: Everyday Interactions

Focuses on learning and using the communication skills that create connection and rapport in conversations, and the questioning and listening techniques that support individuals in discussing their health issues openly.

Level 2 – Health Coaching: Short Coaching Conversations

Focuses on how to have motivational coaching conversations using the COM-B model, supporting individuals to develop a purpose that is motivational and long-lasting.  It introduces a model of health that is holistic and helps people to understand how different choices impact upon health.

Level 3 – Health coaching: In-depth coaching conversations

Focuses on in-depth Coaching Conversations using the GROW coaching model to really support individuals in understanding how they can develop independence and confidence in the goals that they set for their personal wellbeing. 

About SPACE Works

SPACE Works is a training company set up by experienced psychologists and dedicated to teaching professionals the SPACE Model, which has been developed, tried and tested over the past twenty years. This framework facilitates effective assessment and intervention with mental health concerns. The courses are all skills based and encourage reflective practice. 

Mental Health Coaching using SPACE

Designed for Health and Wellbeing Coaches.  The course is presented over two days via zoom to small groups of participants. A model of Mental Health Coaching, called SPACE, is presented in four stages.  SPACE is a form of Cognitive Behavioural Coaching. A half-day follow up session a month after the course helps participants’ discus their progress. If you’d like further information please contact us by email:

About Performing Medicine

Performing Medicine is a sector leader in arts-based approaches to professional development in health and social care contexts. We run an award-winning programme of events, courses and workshops for health professionals and students. Our work is cited as best practice in the 2017 APPG Report on Arts, Health and Wellbeing.

Social Prescribing to Arts & Culture

Discover and understand how arts and culture can play a key role in healthcare and social prescribing. Delivered via 3 x 2.5 hour live online modules, this course provides social prescribing professionals with the skills, knowledge and confidence to have conversations with clients about the health and wellbeing benefits of engaging with arts and culture. Delegates can access clinical research, case studies and other resources via our portal on the Performing Medicine website.

About LOROS Hospice

LOROS delivers free, high-quality, compassionate care and support to terminally ill patients, their family and carers in the Leicestershire region.

We work in partnership with higher and further education providers to supply evidence-based education, training and support to health and social care professionals.

Six Steps to Success for Personalised End of Life Care

This programme is for nursing and residential care homes in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland and is delivered at LOROS Hospice. The programme aims to enhance personalised end of life care through   supporting organisational change and enabling staff to develop their roles around personalised end of life care.

Personalised Care and Support Planning at the End of Life

This introductory programme comprises two x three-hour virtual sessions. The programme aims to raise awareness of the importance of: honest conversations, informed decisions, developing personalised care plans, involving family to the extent the person wishes.

Advance Care Planning and ReSPECT process

What we all need to know for personalised care and support planning

This two- and half-hour introductory workshop is delivered virtually for health and social care staff who work in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The workshop aims to raise awareness of the importance of communication skills and behaviours that underpin personalised End of Life conversations and shared decision making.

Personalised Care – Comfort Measures in the Last Days of Life

This three-hour introductory workshop is delivered virtually for health and social care support workers who work in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland. The workshop aims to raise awareness of signs and symptoms of the dying person and ways of maintaining the dying persons personalised comfort at end of life.

About EHCAP Ltd

EHCAP offers training  in core coaching skills and personalised care for anyone who delivers Health Coaching (e.g. Health and Wellbeing Coaches, Social Prescribers, Health Professionals). In addition we specialise in working with children, young people and families. We are passionate about providing a flexible training programme with 4 days training over a 4 month period.

4- day EMCC and PCI Accredited Tailored Health Coaching Skills Training including the skills needed to coach children, young people and families

For professionals working with children, young people and families

The training is bespoke to learner needs and includes:

  • Modular e-learning
  • Programme workbook
  • Three 45 minute one-to-one online coaching sessions to embed learning and reflect on using the approach
  • WhatsApp peer mentoring
  • Team Coaching supervision

2-Day PCI Accredited Skills Training for coaches working with children, young people and families


For professionals working with children, young people and families

The training is bespoke to learner needs and includes:

  • Modular e-learning
  • Programme workbook
  • Two 45 minute one to one online coaching sessions to embed learning and reflect on using the approach
  • WhatsApp peer mentoring
  • Team Coaching supervision

About Toby and Kate McCartney 

Toby and Kate McCartney are husband and wife and have been working together for nearly 20 years in the field of NLP and Coaching. Clients return to their courses for their easy to follow, experiential and open learning and training style. Toby and Kate attract a ‘family’ of supportive, creative coaches. 

NLP and Coaching Practitioner Programme

The NLP and Coaching Practitioner Programme teaches participants cutting edge coaching tools from Neuro-Linguistic Programming to create lasting behaviour change in those they coach. The first 2 days of this programme are offered complimentary to those considering a future in Health Coaching. In the room and virtual training options available.

About Midlands Personalised Care Training Collaborative

The Collaborative is a virtual organisation made up of a network of Integrated Care Systems and organisations across the Midlands, it was established to develop local PCI accredited training.

The 3-hour courses were co-produced with clinicians, people with lived experience and academics across Birmingham & Solihull ICS and Herefordshire & Worcestershire ICS and are delivered by local trainers.

Shared Decision Making (SDM)

This module is for staff involved in decision making conversations with patients and provides learners with the knowledge, expertise and tools to enable patients to participate in shared decision-making conversations. 

Courses are accessible to staff working in the following ICSs:

Personalised Care and Support Planning (PCSP)

This module is for staff involved in developing or updating personalised care and support plans. It provides learners with the skills for holding high quality conversations and setting achievable goals, and the tools for effective conversation frameworks with easy to follow structured stages.

Courses are accessible to staff working in the following ICSs:

Pier Training

Pier Training has an excellent track record of delivering healthcare apprenticeships with a 79% distinction rate since 2020. Tutors are fully qualified and have a wealth of direct experience within the industry. Training can be delivered flexibly either at the workplace or virtually to suit the needs of the employer.

Community Health and Wellbeing Worker level 3 Apprenticeship

The Community Health and Wellbeing Worker level 3 Apprenticeship is designed for those who work in partnership with individuals and their communities to identify and address health and wellbeing needs, improve health, prevent ill health and reduce inequalities. The 12-month course consists of theory and evidenced based practice which is delivered by a qualified healthcare tutor.


Imagineer Development UK CIC is a social enterprise based in the North of England with a national reach. Imagineer is the hosting organisation for the Support Brokerage Network (SBN), which is a community of practice for Independent Support Brokers. As well as offering Independent Support Brokerage services, Imagineer provides a range of training, facilitation and consultancy services in Support Brokerage, Person-Centred and Strengths-Based Approaches, & Community development.

Personalised Care & Support Planning Training

The training covers Personalised Care and Support Planning, as described within the NHS Long Term Plan and the Comprehensive Model for Universal Personalised Care. The training comprises six pre-recorded webinars, resources, assessment, learner cafes and evaluation.  Learners must complete all six modules to be accredited.  The training is designed to support practitioners, clinicians and experts by experience with a focus on learning disability and autism. 

Personalised Care & Support Planning Training and Treatment Reviews

For practitioners and experts by experience involved with Care & Treatment Reviews or Care, Education & Treatment Reviews. This is a specific module which contains seven sessions covering dynamic support registers, process and roles and responsibilities.  Learners on this course do not need to complete the main PCSP core modules because the content is combined within this module specifically reflecting on Personalised Care and Support Plans as part of the CTR/CETR process.

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust

Gloucestershire Hospitals NHS Foundation Trustserves a population of 650,000 +, providing acute & maternity services from Cheltenham General and Gloucestershire Royal Hospitals. Outpatient clinics and some surgeries are also provided in community hospitals. We aim to achieve the best for our patients and families, our staff, and our communities.

Advanced Communication Skills Training  (ACST)

Faculty is a multi-professional team offering experiential learning opportunities, since 2007, based on previous national models. Aimed at senior staff from health and social care. Supporting best practice in complex communication, advance care planning, ReSPECT and decision making in serious illness.  

Contact us at: 

Health Coaches Academy

Health Coaches Academy is dedicated to empowering individuals with the knowledge and skills to become successful Health Coaches. They ensure that students’ learning meets stringent academic criteria and hands-on experiential training is led by expert practicing Health Coaches.  Train with the UK’s most experienced Health Coaching & Nutrition team. 

Foundations of Health Coaching Course

On this 12-week part-time Coaching course (Level 5), you will develop a strong coaching skill-set through weekly group mentoring and a rich calendar of live events.  You will learn to work with clients and patients supporting them through a dynamic and respectful behaviour change process. This course leads to the Certificate in Coaching, with an option to continue to complete the Diploma.

Buttercups Training Ltd

Buttercups Training is a leading training and apprenticeship provider working to improve healthcare outcomes in the UK. With over 35 years of experience, Buttercups Training has a highly experienced team of healthcare professionals and an extensive support network for their learners, apprentices and their employers.

Level 3 Community Health and Wellbeing Worker Apprenticeship

The Community Health and Wellbeing Worker apprenticeship equips learners with the skills, knowledge and confidence to support individuals and their communities by promoting good health, addressing health inequalities and creating lasting change. The apprenticeship applies to a wide range of roles within the NHS, local Government, and the voluntary sector.

Big Life group

Big Life is a non-profit organisation working within regions of the North of England. We focus on a person-centred approach, and work with people on all areas of their life, including health, wellbeing, life skills, children, and families.

Health Coaching Level 1 & 2 Training

Enrol in our 4-Day PCI-Accredited Health Coaching Development Program (Level 1&2) to master communication, motivational interviewing, and patient activation. Aligning with NHS standards, this course equips you for health coaching and social prescribing roles. Experienced trainers, flexible learning options, and practical relevance set us apart.

BOB Personalised Care Training

Buckinghamshire, Oxfordshire and Berkshire West (BOB) Personalised Care Training aim to equip the regions’ health and social care workforce with person-centred conversation skills, tools and processes to support individuals access care that’s right for them.

For more about BOB ICB, visit here:

About our Training, visit here:

Motivational Interviewing Behaviour Change

The skills and ethos of motivational interviewing offers a guiding framework to person-centred conversations focused on eliciting behavioural change. This session supports professionals feel more confident when supporting an individual to explore and resolve ambivalence to change, communicate, the positive aspect of change and find their own solutions for future healthier behaviour.

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