Bitesize Learning

The PCI has co-developed, through partnerships, a range of bitesize learning activities.

Through situational based learning you will be able to understand the theory behind different personalised care techniques and how to put that into practice in various settings. You will learn what good communication does and doesn’t look like.

The video-based format makes the learning resources repeatable and scalable as teaching tools.

All of the resources are free, quality-assured and provide the opportunity to develop specific personalised skills in under 30 minutes. CPD certificates are provided upon completion.

Teachback in non-clinical settings

In this film, we bring teachback to life for you. We include common scenarios that take place every day in the health and care sector.  We hope you can take the principles from this video and apply them in your individual role, or as part of your team or organisational practice.

Lived Experience: Personalised Care Maternity Workforce Videos

These training films have been coproduced by women and birthing people, midwives and obstetricians to highlight how personalised care is crucial to the safety and wellbeing of all who access and use maternity services.

Teachback in practice in primary and secondary care consultations

Teachback is as an evidence based technique for clinicians to use during consultations to ensure that patients understand information they have been provided and can make use of it.  These examples cover using teachback in primary and secondary care consultations.

Want to view all of our online digital resources? We have collated them into an extensive list. 

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