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Use our ‘Money Talk Toolkit’ to support patients with money-related health issues


Developed in conjunction with the Money and Pensions Service (MaPS), the Personalised Care Institute (PCI) is pleased to host the Money Talk Toolkit – created to equip health and care professionals to use personalised care approaches to identify, understand, support, and refer people with money-related health issues, in order to achieve the outcomes that most matter to them.

It follows research by the PCI and MaPS, which found that while half of health and care professionals are seeing an increase in health problems caused by money worries, nine out of 10 don’t feel equipped to discuss money matters with people.

Recognising that health needs can often arise from circumstances beyond the purely medical is a key principle of personalised care, and the Money Talk Toolkit is designed with this in mind.

Developed by subject experts, the free toolkit offers a collection of free courses and resources, equipping health and care professionals to use personalised care approaches to understand whether their financial situation could be impacting their health, and providing guidance on how to begin money conversations, what information to provide to those who need it and where to signpost people for effective financial wellbeing support.

Toolkit eLearning

Our free courses and resources are designed to help health and care professionals to discuss money concerns with people using personalised care approaches that recognise the wider factors, such as financial wellbeing, that can impact on a person’s health.

All Our Health: Financial wellbeing

This is a bite-sized module to give health and care professionals an overview of financial wellbeing – including key evidence, data and signposting to trusted resources to help prevent illness, protect health and promote wellbeing.

20 min
Level 1

Core Skills

Improve your knowledge of personalised care Core Skills with this eLearning module – one of the key components of the PCI curriculum.

1 hr
Level 1 & 2

Shared Decision Making

Shared decision making (SDM) is a process by which people are supported to understand their options and are given the opportunity to consider relevant information that might influence their choice.

30 min
Level 3

Toolkit Resources


Money in Mind: Money and mental health signposting tool

Developed in partnership with the NHS, the money and mental health signposting tool (Money in Mind) sets out a range of questions a mental health professional can ask to explore any issues a service user might be experiencing about money.


MoneyHelper’s cost of living campaign

MaPS have created actionable content packages, including newsletter and intranet content, social media posts and template text, and printed assets, for you to use.

How to include money guidance or social welfare legal advice within your social prescribing offer – a guide for Primary Care Networks

The guide explains why including support for money issues within social prescribing should be considered and the options available for embedding social prescribing link workers that can support with money guidance or social welfare legal advice using the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme.

Resources for Referring 

The following resources are available for health and care professionals to refer people to, or to use themselves if experiencing money/health worries.

Want to view all of our online digital resources? We have collated them into an extensive list. 

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