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Welcome to the Accredited Training Menu, here you can find the accredited training we have to offer, organised under different categories.

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4-Day Accredited Skills in Health Coaching

Delivered by clinically experienced coaches: an industry accredited health coaching programme that extends practical skills and covers Levels 1-3 of the PCI Health Coaching Curriculum

4-Day Health Coaching Accreditation

Designed and delivered by experienced, practising Health and Wellbeing Coaches, who coach trainees to develop their practice over 4 days of intensive training

4-Day (level 3) Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Develop competencies to actively and safely engage clients in health behaviour change using evidence-based skilful conversation, clinical interventions and strategies leading to significant health/wellbeing improvement.

4-Day EMCC Accredited Health Coaching Skilld Training

Accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), this highly practical training builds the knowledge, skills and confidence for Supported Self-Management and Personalised Care.

4-Day Health and Wellbeing Coach training

KYOH’s training programme provides all the skills needed to deliver Health & Wellbeing Coaching, together with support to put the skills into practice to achieve high-quality outcomes.

4-Day Tailored Health Coaching Course

Our full gold standard training for those working in coaching roles in the NHS and beyond, to level 3 of PC health coaching curriculum.

4-day Personalised Care in Practice – Comprehensive Health Coaching

Our four-day programme provides practitioners with the knowledge and practical skills to empower patients/clients to build their self-belief and motivation and to make sustainable lifestyle changes for improved health and wellbeing.

4-Day Health and Wellbeing Coach Training 

Support individuals in setting personalised goals, increasing motivation and empowering behaviour change. Our accredited training gives you the skills, tools and confidence to start immediately. 

Health Coaching Level 1 & 2 Training

Enrol in our 4-Day PCI-Accredited Health Coaching Development Program (Level 1&2) to master communication, motivational interviewing, and patient activation.

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