Working together to deliver a shared purpose of personalised care training for link workers

We are proud to have been working with the National Association of Link Workers (NALW) since September 2020. NALW is a key member of our Steering Group, all 40 members of which are instrumental in helping to steer the direction of the personalised care programme and ensuring that all objectives, outputs and priorities are met. They meet with us quarterterly and we’re pleased to always build upon these important relationships across health and social care, providing expertise from many facets of the sector to further our combined visions. 

The NALW seeks to promote quality and consistency in professional standards and practice for link workers and we support this through the provision of our high-quality free online personalised care courses. We, along with the NALW, are absolutely united in our belief that by delivering personalised care to patients – and by championing the importance of this with colleagues from across primary care – link workers can enable better patient experiences and support improved health outcomes.

NALW: Industry standards at the core

The National Association of Link Workers (NALW) is the only national professional body for link workers in the UK. As the largest UK professional membership body for Social Prescribing Link Workers (SPLW), NALW plays a vital role in developing and supporting professional industry standards (including Continuing Professional Development) as well as a clear code of practice that underpins this vital workforce. 

Through our close working relationship, it is clear to see that NALW is a vibrant independent grassroots social innovation that serves to increase resilience, professionalism, and connectedness amongst Social Prescribing Link Workers and managers. NALW is very much at the forefront of developing robust, relevant, and high-quality training standards, professional development, career pathway, and accreditation. Their work is making great strides, benefitting both the individuals who are working in the profession and their patients.   

Why is collaboration between the two organisations important? 

We undertook a survey recently which  showed that when patients receive personalised care, they are significantly more likely to understand the advice given, feel motivated to follow it, find it easy to follow, feel in control of their recovery and feel listened to and valued.

Nine out of 10 people said that they felt that a personalised care approach to healthcare – which was outlined as a key focus in the NHS Long Term Plan – would help them to manage their health issues more effectively. 

Personalised care is person-centered, meaning health and care professionals ask people what matters to the individual and tailor support based on their needs and strengths. The SPLW role is one of enablement and empowerment, which is why they adopt a personalised care approach.

Social Prescribing Link Workers is all about enabling General Practice to deliver WHOLE person medicine. They play a necessary role within Primary Care. SPLWs meaningfully embedded within Primary Care open new opportunities for Public Health and Healthcare to become more person and community centred to meet needs of local people. Social Prescribing bedrock is the recognition that the context of people’s lives determines their health. By identifying barriers to health, social prescribing addresses issues of social justice and health inequalities.

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