Core skills training: Building a strong foundation for the delivery of personalised care


By Dr Pauline Foreman, clinical director at the Personalised Care Institute  

As we approach the PCI’s first anniversary in September, I’d like to reflect on the continued importance of  personalised care training and the role of our introductory Core Skills module. 

The PCI was established to set the standards for personalised care training for the NHS and to facilitate the training of 75,000 healthcare professionals by 2024.  The delivery of personalised care with the potential to improve patient health outcomes, enhance job satisfaction for healthcare professionals and maintain the sustainability of our healthcare system, remains a key component of the NHS Long Term Plan.

The PCI has come a long way over the past year but there is still some way to go to ensure personalised care for all. A recent survey conducted by the PCI suggests that only a quarter of patients were asked about what matters to them during their primary and secondary care consultations.  This survey was conducted during the pandemic and may not reflect ‘usual care’ but does suggest that there is room for further development of core skills in personalised care.

Our Core Skills e-learning module is designed be the first step on a lifelong personalised care training journey. It equips colleagues with an understanding of the core capabilities needed to build relationships, engage, enable and support people as set out in the PCI curriculum. It introduces the core skills needed to model and deliver personalised care on the frontline, including shared agenda setting, collaborative problem solving and action planning. Learners are encouraged to reflect on their current strengths and to focus on where they need to develop.

The PCI recognises the current intense work pressures that colleagues face. The Core Skills module is designed for busy healthcare professionals. It usually takes a maximum of 60 minutes to complete and can be undertaken in shorter bursts if necessary.  It is explicit about the challenges that healthcare professionals may need to overcome to be able to put personalised care into practice on a daily basis and supports them to do so.  The incredible feedback we have received so far suggests that it is of huge benefit to healthcare professionals and patients.

The PCI provides a whole suite of learning and resources for healthcare professionals with different levels of experience.  The Core Skills module is designed to be the first step on a lifelong personalised care training journey.  Please do share your feedback with us as we reach our first anniversary so that we can continue to develop evidence-based learning that supports you to do the incredible work you do.

Visit our e-learning hub to find out more.

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