Healthcare professionals – apply to join the PCI Ambassador Programme today

Building on last year’s success, we’re on the lookout for healthcare professionals who are passionate about personalised care to join the PCI Personalised Care Ambassador Programme and share their learning with their peers. 

Purpose and aim: 
The Personalised Care Institute is dedicated to making personalised care business as usual by training 75,000 health and care professionals by 2024. 

We know that the thought of embedding personalised care within our day-to-day conversations, frameworks and contracts could feel daunting for many, but with 40% of patients saying they would like to be more involved in decisions about the management of their healthcare, it has become increasingly clear that the health and care industry needs to consider its approach.

As a Personalised Care Ambassador, you have the opportunity to play a crucial role in changing the face of health and care in England by helping us deliver on our purpose of empowering patients to feel more in control of their mental and physical health. 

Why become an ambassador: 
Being part of the Personalised Care Ambassador Programme will open up a range of professional opportunities for you as we work together to demonstrate the value of personalised care. It will also benefit healthcare professionals and patients by showing what good personalised care looks like and what impact it can have on patients and clinicians. 

Building on last year’s success 
Upon launching the ambassador programme in 2021, the PCI was delighted to welcome 18 highly qualified, skilled and passionate health professionals from across a range of disciplines – including GPs, nurses, midwives, physiotherapists, social prescribing link workers and a host of other health and care roles. 

Throughout the year, ambassadors have successfully spread the word about personalised care locally, nationally and even internationally through several blog posts, articles, speaking engagements and publications. A few examples include: 

● How Personalised Care is delivering a pattern of positive patient results by Karen Oloresnhaw for The Queen’s Nursing Institute 
● What is personalised care and why is it so important? by Maria Whelan for Nursing Standard 
● How shared decision making can help GPs better meet patients’ needs by Dr Ollie Hart and Dr Devina Maru for GP Online 
● Personalised care is everyone’s business by Nick Livada for the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy 

What our current ambassadors say: 
“As a Personalised Care Institute Ambassador you will connect with passionate professionals from varied clinical backgrounds, all with the goal of embedding personalised care into our health and care services. You will be given the opportunity to listen and learn about how others have helped build the personalised care skills among their own professional groups and share your own journey in building the personalised care skills among colleagues. The learning it has offered has helped me inspire others from the Physiotherapy profession to help change the narrative from “what’s the matter with you” to “what matters to you?”. As an ambassador you can help raise the awareness of the amazing online learning resources the PCI have to offer.”
Nick Livadas Clinical Lead – JMAPS Northumberland & South Tyneside / PCI Ambassador 

“To wake up each morning, to live and breathe personalised care in every interaction whether in a social or professional setting, is what makes me so proud to be an ambassador for PCI. Their goal is aligned to my ikigai and it is always a pleasure to share their online learning in all my keynote speeches to pharmacy students and pharmacists globally. If you are passionate about personalised care, shared decision making and social prescribing, then do apply to be an ambassador and be part of a world class team.”
Arun Nadarasa – Founder of International Social Prescribing Pharmacy Association (ISPPA)/ PCI Ambassador 

As a Personalised Care Ambassador, you’ll get: 
● Your picture and biography featured in a new section of the PCI website 
● The chance to submit blogs for the PCI website, quotes for our social media channels and comments to appear in our press releases to the media
● Support materials such as template slide decks and social media assets to help you communicate to your colleagues and followers 
● Access to free training courses 
● The chance to network and collaborate with like-minded HCPs who share your passion for personalised care

In return we would like: 
● Your support to help spread the word about the importance of personalised care and the value of PCI’s highly-rated free training courses and resources – find out more here 
● Your commitment that you will complete at least one of the PCIs courses so that you can talk about it honestly and openly. Our short courses are only 30 mins long and we receive excellent feedback from our learners – click the link above to find out more 
● The promise you will support and uphold the values and integrity of the PCI 

Ideal ambassador criteria 
Please find below our ideal ambassador criteria used for scoring applications 
● Passionate about the subject matter (personalised care) 
● Good writing skills (ideally with previous experience of producing blogs, publications or articles for the media and industry outlets 
● Well-connected and can use this to promote free personalised care training courses – this could be due to a large audience on social media or a strong in-person network, locally or nationally 

Time commitment and remuneration: 
Please note, involvement in the programme is voluntary. 

The programme has been developed to ensure flexibility and involvement in a non-onerous fashion, with an estimated time involvement of a maximum of half a day per month. We hope the programme will benefit participants through career development opportunities such as public speaking activities, publications, and others. 

How to apply 
If this sounds like it could be of interest, please complete our online Ambassador Application Form, no later than Friday 25th November 2022. 

We look forward to hearing from you! 

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