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4 Day Accredited Skills in Health Coaching

Delivered by clinically experienced coaches: an industry accredited health coaching programme that extends practical skills and covers Levels 1-3 of the PCI Health Coaching Curriculum

Shared Decision Making

Delivered by clinically experienced coaches: provides an introduction to the skills and techniques that support people to make informed decisions about their health and care.

Health Literacy for Personalised Care

Gain a greater understanding of health literacy in the context of health inequalities. Learn tools and techniques to get the best from consultations. Tangibly improves patient experience and contributes to staff satisfaction.

4 Day Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Designed and delivered by experienced, practising Health and Wellbeing Coaches, who coach trainees to develop their practice over 4 days of intensive training

Wessex Academy for Skills in Personalised Care; Shared Decision Making workshop

This one-day, online workshop covers an introduction to SDM, the evidence and benefits, plus skills and tools to begin to put high quality shared decision making into practice.

Wessex Academy for Skills in Personalised Care; Fundamentals Programme

Teams enrolling in this programme have an opportunity to review current personalised care behaviours across the system in which they work, by undertaking a WASP self-assessment.

4-day EMCC Accredited Health Coaching Skills Training

Accredited by the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC), this highly practical training builds the knowledge, skills and confidence for Supported Self-Management and Personalised Care.

Maternity and Neonatal Advanced Communication in Personalised Care

A 2-day course for Maternity and Neonatal Services to improve service user experiences, boost staff moral and wellbeing, enhance teamwork and deliver safer, personalised care.

Advanced Communication Skills Training

Aimed at senior staff from health and social care. Supporting best practice in complex communication, advance care planning, ReSPECT and decision making in serious illness.

4-Day Wellbeing Coach Training Course

Support individuals in setting personalised goals, increasing motivation and empowering behaviour change. Our accredited training gives you the skills, tools and confidence to start immediately. 

Health Coaching Level 1 & 2

Enrol in our 4-Day PCI-Accredited Health Coaching Development Program (Level 1&2) to master communication, motivational interviewing, and patient activation.

Prescribing Lifestyle Medicine

A set of online eLearning modules enabling practitioners to empower patients through prescriptions focused on lifestyle interventions. Containing patient case studies, a self-assessment reporting tool and community of like-minded peers.

Health and Wellbeing Coaching

Develop competencies to actively and safely engage clients in health behaviour change using evidence-based skilful conversation, clinical interventions and strategies leading to significant health/wellbeing improvement.

Putting shared decision making into action

Supporting clinicians to introduce and embed shared decision making as a service improvement within their clinical practice in line with national policy and guidance.

Applied Shared Decision Making for teams

Our Applied Shared Decision Making for Teams programme will support participants to understand shared decision making (SDM) and the need for change in current practice.

Personalised Care by Design

Personalised Care by Design will support teams to embed Personalised Care within their service, identifying challenges in implementing Personalised Care and support to undertake an improvement project.

Applied Motivational Interviewing for teams

Applied Motivational Interviewing for Teams enables health and care professionals to gain an understanding of motivational interviewing techniques and apply them to their own clinical practice.

Care Coordinator

“BCU’s highly-rated care coordination course empowers learners with the expertise to provide outstanding care coordination in primary healthcare settings, delivered through a personalised care training ethos.”

Motivational Interviewing Behaviour Change

This session supports professionals feel more confident when supporting individuals to explore and resolve ambivalence to change, communicate, the positive aspect of change finding their own solutions for healthier behaviours.

ESTHER Ambassador Training


This enables participants to understand the ESTHER philosophy of care, always asking “What matters to you?”, joining a community of care professionals promoting Person-Centred Care.

ESTHER Improvement Coach Training


This teaches participants how to use quality improvement tools to ensure that the ESTHER philosophy of care is optimised in the delivery of their service.

Video Group Clinics


A comprehensive learning support package to establish group clinics – an evidence-based care-related process, recommended in Modern General Practice guidance, that personalises long-term condition management.

Mayfly Advance Care Planning and Communication Skills Programme – 1-day course

Highly interactive with a range of person-centered, evidence-based content and learner-centered activities. It is practice-focused and aims to increase understanding of why personalised support planning is important.

​Mayfly Advance Care Planning and Communication Skills Programme 2-day course

The ‘Train the Trainer’ course empowers facilitators to have strong subject knowledge and the required skills to safely manage group dynamics, interaction and promotion of learning.

Quality Conversations Core Skills 

The Quality Conversations Programme supports staff across Derbyshire to have more effective conversations. Facilitated by experts, we enhance communication skills, goal setting and promote self-management.

Shared Decision Making

This module is for staff involved in decision making conversations with patients and provides learners with the knowledge, expertise and tools to enable patients to participate in shared decision-making conversations.

2-day Tailored Health Coaching 

Introduction to knowledge and practice of health coaching for all staff in health and care sectors. Practical and applicable to everyday aspects in all roles

4-day Tailored Health Coaching Course 

Our full gold standard training for those working in coaching roles in the NHS and beyond, to level 3 of PC health coaching curriculum.

2 Day Core Care Coordinator Training

Essential core training for care co-ordinators in the NHS, aligned to our coaching approach. Ideal alone, or paired with our 2-day health coaching training.

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