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Welcome to the Accredited Training Menu, here you can find the accredited training we have to offer, organised under different categories.

Select one of the categories below to reveal all the accredited training under that category.

Health Coaching Level 1 & 2

CNM Health Coach Diploma module 4 Coaching and Health

Introduction to Health Coaching – HealthCoachPlus

Introduction to Health Coaching Skills e-learning course

2-day Health Coaching Fundamentals Course

4-day EMCC Accredited Health Coaching Foundation Training

4-day EMCC Accredited Health Coaching Foundation Training

Foundations of Health Coaching Course

Skills training Modules 1-4

Person-centred Convesation: Skills Practice Modules 5-8

Skills training Modules 1-4

Health Coaching and Supported Self-Management Programme

Better Conversations: Health Coaching Skills

4-day Health and Wellbeing Coach training

2-day Health Coaching Skills training

2-day course face-to-face, 4 half-days online Coaching for Health

2 half-day course face-to-face or online Coaching for Health

4 Bitesize Session online Course Coaching for Health

4 Day Health Coaching Development programe

2 Day Health Coaching Course

4 Day Comprehensive Health Coaching

2 Day Health Coaching Core SKills

Wellbeing/Health Coach Training Course

Wellbeing/Health Coach Training Course

Mental Health Coaching using SPACE

Level 1 – Health coaching: Everyday Interactions

Level 2 – Health Coaching: Short Coaching Conversations

Level 3 – Health coaching: In-depth coaching conversations

Personalised Conversations (Health Coaching Skills 1) – (2 day course)

Personalised Care & Health Coaching (Health Coaching Skills 1 & 2) – Personalised & Health Coaching (4 day course)

NLP and Coaching Practitioner Programme

2-day  Health Coaching Core Skills Programme

4 Day Accredited Skills in Health Coaching

2 Day Health Coaching Skills Programme for Social Prescribers

4 Day Health Coaching Accreditation

Health Literacy for Personalised Care

Certified Coaching Professional (CCP) Programme

Level 5 Diploma of Nutrition & Health Coaching

Health and Wellbeing Coaching

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