No matter your schedule, lifestyle, and working arrangements, the Institute will help you find high quality training that fits in with your life. Register here to receive updates when we release new resources.

Whether you’re new to personalised care or experienced, we will bring you expert developed, evidence-based eLearning courses you can study in a flexible way. Our first course launched on 15 September – Core Skills in Personalised Care.
To meet your personalised care training requirements we are accrediting high quality, evidence based training courses. The library of accredited training courses will continue to be updated as new courses receive PCI accredited status.
This is an important time for us. We will be launching the Personalised Care Institute on 15 September. We'd like you to join us.
We have selected high quality resources to support you in learning more about personalised care.
This is the first collaboratively produced personalised care curriculum. The curriculum articulates the values, behaviours and capabilities required by a multi-professional workforce.
Last modified: Friday, 19 February 2021, 11:09 AM