About Us

The Personalised Care Institute will support the professional development of at least 75,000 health and care professionals through the comprehensive model of Universal Personalised Care, with a focus on the following four evidence-based components by 2023/24:

The NHS Long Term Plan outlines the NHS’s aim to ensure that 2.5 million people are given personalised care by 2024. To bring this to life, the health and care workforce will be supported to gain the knowledge, skills and confidence to provide personalised care.  The Institute will offer the workforce a range of flexible ways to develop these skills.

The Institute is a virtual organisation, accountable for setting standards for evidence-based training, underpinned by a robust quality assurance and accreditation framework.  Training programmes for existing and new roles identified in primary care networks are being developed and the Institute will also quality assure and accredit programmes of training from third party training providers.

The Institute will provide a central learning hub where learners can access blended training, and register for remote and face to face training opportunities, access networking opportunities and best practice examples.

NHS England and Improvement and the Royal College of General Practitioners are working with other Royal Colleges, key professional organisations, providers and patients to develop the Institute. The Institute takes a coordinated and collaborative approach to training, signposting to high quality accredited training available across England.

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